Other Events

The following events will be conducted by the association in the upcoming year

Training Programme/ Workshop on Research Methodology

A training workshop on Research Methodology will be organized by the Association in collaboration with the Giri Institute of Development Studies (GIDS), Lucknow. The workshop will focus on both qualitative and quantitative research methods, with special emphasis on survey research and methods.

There is a growing recognition of methodological approach to research cannot give primacy to one particular method – quantitative or qualitative. Both these methods have their respective strengths and weaknesses. A large body of work now focuses on including both qualitative and quantitative approaches into the study of social phenomena. This gains greater significance in relation to field survey based studies and when engaging in research from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Students and research scholars from across different social science subjects will be invited attend this training sessions with an emphasis on resolving specific issues faced by students when conducting field work.


The Association plans to organize a two-three day seminar on issues of contemporary relevance. The tentative topics of the seminar in the forthcoming year are (i) Inequality and Social Policy (ii) New Directions in Social Science Education. In keeping with the Association’s philosophy, these seminars will approach these issues through an interdisciplinary perspective.


This year the Association plans to inaugurate day long Round Table discussion on issues of social policy and contemporary relevance. The tentative themes for these discussions for this year are i) Financial inclusion and women’s empowerment and ii) Urbanisation and development

Public Lectures

The Association will organize about four to five public lectures in the forthcoming year. Eminent scholars and will be invited to give lectures on issues of interest to researchers and students across social science disciplines. The underlying focus of these lectures would be social and economic development and multidisciplinary approaches to their analyses. These lectures will be organized in collaboration with other member and partner institutions.

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