IASSI Quarterly

IASSI Quarterly: Contributions to Indian Social Science is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI). The IASSI Quarterly is an interdisciplinary publication of theoretical and empirical research in the social sciences. It draws upon all social sciences--- economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, history, management, law, etc. ---- for the analysis of various socio-economic-political issues.

Vol. 37 No.2 (March-June 2018) is in press and is expected to come out soon. This issue of the Quarterly carries articles on different aspects of contemporary Indian economy. The articles cover a range of issues like schooling and learning outcomes, differentials in the utilization of public health services, sanitation and health situations, rural indebtedness and inequality of educational attainment etc.

The Quarterly invites original contributions in the form of research notes, articles, and book reviews on various topics related to social sciences and economic and social development of the country. All entries must be addressed to The Editor, IASSI Quarterly: Contributions to Indian Social Science and emailed to stiassi79@gmail.com.

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