Membership of the Association

IASSI is a federal formation of academic bodies for promoting teaching and research in the social sciences. Its membership is open to all universities and institutions concerned with various social science disciplines.

The Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI) is a federal formation of academic bodies involved in the teaching of social science subjects and researchers in society-related areas. Till now, the Association has 307 member-institutions of which 245 are permanent members. Among the members, 141 are universities, 134 research institutions, 14 national academic associations and 18 agencies and institutions under Central and State Government and Public Authorities.

Individual membership is offered by invitations only to senior social scientists as approved by the IASSI Executive Committee. However, the category of Associate Individual Membership is open to all the teachers, researchers and other professionals engaged in study ad research of social sciences.

Memberships Fee

Category of Membership Membership fee (Rs.)
Annual 15 years
Institutional 4,000 50,000
Associate Individual 750 10,000
Individual --- 5,000(life)


  • The Signed/scanned copy of the Application form or should be sent by post to IASSI Secretariat or emailed to
  • A short CV (100-150 words) of the applicant along with the Application form should be sent in case of individual/ associate membership.
  • In case of Institutional members, a profile of the organization (250- 300 words) should be sent along with the Application Form.

Mode of payment: Membership fee may be paid by way of NFFT/RTGS Transfer or Demand Draft (DD) or local cheques.

Privileges of the Members

  • Members will be entitled to receive information about the activities of the Association, including the Annual Conference.
  • Annual Conference proceedings along with soft copies of Memorial/Lectures will be provided to the members.
  • Both Institutional and Individual members will have voting rights and will be represented on the Executive Committee.
  • All the members, including Associate Members, will have electronic access to the IASSI Quarterly, the journal of the Association. The hard copies of the Journal will be sent to them subject to meeting the postal expenses.

Membership application should be sent to:

Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI)
C/o. Institute for Human Development
Plot No. 84, Functional Industrial Estate (FIE)
Patparganj, Delhi – 110092
Phone: 011-22159148/49, Extn-121
Please download the membership form attached below-Membership Form

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