Editorial Board

The current Editor-in-Chief: S. R. Hashim and the Managing Editor: I. C. Awasthi.

The list of members of the Editorial Advisory Board:

Abhinav Alakshendra, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida

Sudhanshu Bhushan, Professor and Head, National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi

S. S. Gill, Center for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh

Indira Hirway, Director and Professor, Centre for Development Alternatives, Ahmedabad

Rizwanul Islam, Former Senior Adviser, International Labour Organisation, Geneva

Ratan Khasnabis, Professor, Department of Management, University of Calcutta

Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Chair of Education Economics and International Development, University of London

Amitabh Kundu, Visiting Professor, Institute for Human Development

G.K. Lieten, Emeritus Professor, University of Amsterdam

Satish Mishra, Managing Director, Strategic Asia, Indonesia

Arup Mitra, Director-General National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development, Delhi

R. Parthasarathy, Director, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad

R. Radhakrishna, Honorary Professor and Chairman, Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad

Selim Raihan, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka

D. Narasimha Reddy, Former Professor, University of Hyderabad

Atul Sarma, Chairman, OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati and Visiting Professor, Institute for Human Development

Bhupen Sarmah, Director, OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati

Bandita Sijapati, Research Director, Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility, Kathmandu

Jaideep Singh, Retired Professor, Behavioural Science, Indian Institute of Public Administration New Delhi

Nisha Srivastava, Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Allahabad

Vinay K. Srivastava, Professor, Deptt. of Anthropology, University of Delhi

Ganga Tilakaratne, Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, Colombo

Meera Tiwari, Department of International Development, University of East London

Sushma Yadav, Professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

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